What is SAVA?

Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation (SAVA) began in 1999 as an accreditation scheme for residential Chartered Surveyors offering the Homebuyer Survey and Valuation report. 

This expertise in surveying standards brought SAVA to the attention of Government and in 2000 it was granted the contract as the lead developer for the new Home Condition Report and Home Inspector qualification, the central element to the proposed Home Information Pack. 

In 2003 SAVA was acquired by National Energy Services (NES) and became the leading training organisation for the Home Inspector qualification. 

After the Home Condition Report was cancelled by Government, SAVA created a new product, the Home Condition Survey, and opened the SAVA Scheme for all qualified Home Inspectors. The Home Condition Survey is a report for home buyers who want an independent survey of a property before they buy, to help protect their investment.

The SAVA Scheme is going from strength to strength but the Home Inspector qualification ended in October 2013, so SAVA has since been unable to offer this opportunity to new members.

It is also difficult for anyone wanting to qualify as a residential member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading professional body for land, property and construction in the UK, even with an exempting degree. Without such a degree, it is near impossible. During the recession many surveyors left the profession and with the upturn in the housing market there is a shortage of residential surveyors and valuers.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors acknowledges that the increasing demand for surveys and valuations is stretching the available resource and, in 2014, the SAVA School of Surveying was created to address this skills shortage and enable new entrants to join the SAVA Scheme. 

The SAVA School of Surveying

The SAVA School of Surveying is dedicated to providing high quality qualifications and continuous professional development courses to existing surveyors and those looking to embark on a new career. 

Although the school may be new, SAVA has more than a decade of experience in training and accrediting residential surveyors and has created two new qualifications to address the issues of both entry to the SAVA Scheme and the shortage of RICS registered residential surveyors and valuers.

The industry needs new talent, and these new qualifications can unlock that talent, giving both industry professionals and new entrants the means to follow their ambitions and venture into the field of surveying.

We can offer the next generation of surveyors and valuers a way forward.

Whether you are looking to enhance your skill-set with CPD, or complete one of our surveying qualifications, we have options for you.


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