4th Feb 2014

Greg Barker, the energy minister, said that anyone approaching retirement should consider putting some of their savings into solar panels because they would deliver a better financial return than a pension.

Mr Barker disclosed that 500,000 British homes have installed solar panels, which allow users to generate their own electricity and sell any excess power to energy firms.

Installing panels can cost several thousand pounds, but savings on bills and the ability to sell excess power mean households can turn a profit over time.

21st Jan 2014

Our training pages have had a makeover!

21st Jan 2014

NES Touch header

From today, visitors to will be able to learn more about NES Touch including how it can save you time, manage your photographs and evidence, and reduce the risk of audit failures.

20th Dec 2013

We are delighted to announce that NES ECO Online has now been approved by BRE on behalf of Ofgem for all remaining ECO measures including park homes and all heating systems. This approved version, "NES ECO Onine 2.1.0", will be released on Monday morning, 23rd December.

If you would like to begin calculating carbon scores using approved software, please contact the Sales team on 01908 442244 to register and we will be happy to help.

10th Dec 2013

NES Touch, the high quality mobile app from NES.NES is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of its first app for tablets, NES Touch.  

From February 2014 DEAs with an Android tablet will be able to create EPCs whilst on-site and automatically lodge them without having to manually collate and compile data. An iOS/iPad version will be available in April 2014.

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