13th Nov 2014

NES is delighted to announce that they are the first Scheme to be BRE approved on the new range of software that industry will be using from the 8th December.  NES is now approved for its new RdSAP 9.92, Green Deal 2014 and ECO 2.0 software.

12th Nov 2014

The Labour Party published its green paper on energy efficiency on 10th November. The purpose of the Green Paper is to set out the nature of Labour’s plans and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to engage in the development of those proposals.

Key headlines taken from the paper are:

1. Provide half a million personalised home energy reports a year, detailing how
households could save money on their energy bills through insulation and energy

10th Nov 2014

An online CPD module has been produced to provide an essential overview of the forthcoming changes associated with RdSAP 9.92. To view the CPD, please click here.

Further details will also be provided in an update to our RdSAP Technical Manual and future Technical Bulletins.

23rd Oct 2014

DCLG have now released version 7.0 of the RdSAP conventions. These should be used from 1st December 2014 and we will audit EPCs against these conventions from 1st December 2014. To view the conventions document, please click here and log into your NES one account. To view the associated letter from DCLG, please click here and log into your NES one account.

10th Oct 2014

We have just received confirmation from DECC and DCLG that the 2014 update to RDSAP, Green Deal and ECO is being put back by 5 weeks.

This means that NES will now be releasing updated versions of EPC Online (our EPC writer on NES one), NES Touch, Green Deal Online and ECO Online on 8th December 2014. 

To book onto our RDSAP 9.92 training course to gear up for this big change, please click here

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