29th Apr 2010

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday 30 April) we have Ed Miliband MP (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) and Franny Armstrong (director of ‘Age of Stupid’) coming to our offices in Milton Keynes to give a short presentation and answer audience questions.

The theme of the event is climate change and environmental issues and we are inviting members who may want to question Mr Miliband on future policy and past delivery.

28th Apr 2010

March's Commercial EPC compliance index stands at 48 - which whilst showing an increase on previous months, is still some way short of industry expectations.

24th Mar 2010

The final version of the SAP 2009 document was published on Tuesday 23 March. Most of the changes appear to be fairly minor as compared to the consultation version, although they will have an impact on the results of a SAP assessment. The most obvious difference is the changes to the CO2 emission factors; in most cases these are lower than the consultation version. We will shortly be updating our summary of the differences between SAP 2005 and SAP 2009. You can download the published version here.

10th Mar 2010

This monthly index, run by NES and, monitors how many commercial buildings currently being marketed have a valid EPC. In February 2010, 39% of commercial properties identifiable on the government's central register were legal and compliant, whilst the remaining 61% did not have an EPC lodged.

10th Mar 2010

Update: Several people are finding this page whilst looking for information about a company called Nationwide Energy Services. Despite the similar name, we aren't connected with them in any way. (It seems like that's probably a good thing.) Please contact them via their website.


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