2nd Feb 2011

Brian Scannell, Chair of Green Deal Advice Qualification and Accreditation ForumBrian Scannell, managing director of National Energy Services, has been appointed as chair of the Green Deal Advice Qualification and Accreditation Forum. The forum, which meets monthly, advises government on the development of the advice network, both in-home and remote, for the Green Deal.

12th Nov 2010

The 2010 Technical Guide for the Code for Sustainable Homes has now been published. It replaces the May 2009 Version 2 Technical Guidance. You can access (a) a summary of the changes, (b) the transitional arrangements and (c) the full Guide by clicking here.

For NHER and SAVA members, copies are also held in the Useful Documents section of NES one.

10th Nov 2010

Astonishingly, fewer than 20% of home buyers commission a report on the condition of the property they wish to buy.

We know that only a similar number see the full EPC on the property they are selling, so NES (which operates the NHER and SAVA schemes) has introduced a new initiative to raise awareness of both the Home Condition Survey and the EPC, and give DEAs a potential new revenue stream.

15th Oct 2010

Over the last year we have researched EPC compliance for non-domestic buildings—the sector with the lowest compliance rates.

In September we investigated 1171 properties in Lancashire that have been on the market for more than 6 months and are larger than 50 sqm.

Our research showed that 780 properties did not have an EPC, giving an overall compliance figure of only 33%—the lowest since December 2009.

By publishing our findings, we hope we will raise awareness of the EPC requirement and increase compliance rates.

6th Oct 2010

CLG have published a departmental circular regarding Building Regulations 2010, giving further guidance on Parts F, J and L and the energy efficiency requirements. It is aimed at building control bodies but is very relevant to OCDEAs.

It contains one crucial announcement that is of particular relevance. ‘Confidence factors’ for psi values have been put on hold until thermal bridging accredited construction details schemes are in place:

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