Zero Carbon Home

The Zero Carbon Hub has delivered their final recommendations for the Carbon Compliance levels for new homes to the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps MP.  The recommendations relate to the Carbon Compliance level for new housing built from 2016 onwards.  The Carbon Compliance level is the maximum level of (SAP based) on-site carbon emissions that a new home will be able to emit to be called a zero carbon home.

The proposed limits are:

10 kg CO2 /m2/year for detached houses
11 kg CO2 /m2/year for attached houses
14 kg CO2 /m2/year for low rise apartment blocks (four storeys and below)

Further work is needed before a limit can be set for high rise apartment blocks of five or more storeys.

NES Ltd provided software that was used by the Zero Carbon Hub to carry out underpinning work for this research.  This was a special version of ‘NHER SAP 2009 Preview’ that was sensitive to variation in heating demand with location.

This led to the conclusion that “our modelling shows that differences in regional weather patterns make a significant difference to actual carbon emissions from otherwise identical homes”.  And the recommendation that “weather assumption for compliance calculations should be further considered by Government and a provisional view should be expressed when the Carbon Compliance levels for 2016 are announced, and full consultation undertaken with the 2013 regulations.”

The final report draws 11 headline recommendations which also cover, among other things:

•Implications for Localism
•Development averaging
•Carbon Compliance for high-rise developments
•Allowable Solutions

The full report is available to download from the Zero Carbon Hub website

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