Update on the Energy Bill

The Energy Bill is making its stately way through the democratic process.  On 16 March 2011, it was introduced into the House of Commons. The Second Reading was heard on 10 May, with Committee sessions being held in June and the Report Stage/Third Reading was on 14 September.  The Bill has cleared the House of Commons with cross-party support. The next stage is the Lords Consideration of Commons amendments , which is to be held on 4th October.

Meanwhile, a joint report has been published by Green Alliance, Christian Aid, WWF, RSPB and Greenpeace.  The report is an assessment of the Coalition Government’s progress against the low carbon commitments set out in its programme for government 16 months ago.  This report is not exactly a glowing indictment of government policy with only 7 commitments making good progress.  According to the report 16 are stalling and a further 6 are failing.  The full report can be downloaded here.  Climate_check_report_September_2011.pdf