Transaction types for EPCs

The available transaction types for EPCs are as follows:

  • Marketed sale
  • Non-marketed sale
  • Rental
  • Assessment for Green Deal*
  • Following Green Deal*
  • FiT application*
  • RHI application*
  • ECO application*
  • None of the above

*not applicable in Northern Ireland

We have been advised that many assessors are selecting the transaction type 'none of the above'. This should only be used in the rare instance that the EPC has not been issued for a particular purpose. The table below lists some common scenarios and their corresponding transaction types.

 RdSAP convention 9.11 describes what to do if more than one transaction type is applicable:

The transaction type is monitored and used by DCLG for statistical purposes. If you select 'none of the above' as a transaction type, you should detail in your site notes why none of the options available were suitable.

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