SAP 2012 Consultation Released

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released the SAP 2012 Consultation documents.  DECC describe the changes as “to keep pace with developments of technology and to provide support for Green Deal and the Renewable Heat Incentive’.  Responses need to be in by 28 March 2012. 

The main change from an Assessor’s perspective is for thermal bridging, where a further 19 junctions have been added giving a new total of 42 junctions to consider.   Some of these are currently already dealt with via the SAP Conventions (e.g. dormers) but some are junctions that were previously ignored (e.g. roof ridges).   Another data collection change is the requirement to assess the degree  to which primary pipework has been insulated.  The remaining changes appear to be ‘behind the scenes’. These include significant changes to carbon emission factors; the use of regional weather data for assessing running costs and other non rating / regulatory outputs; a  revised way of calculating solar radiation based on orientation and pitch (affecting solar thermal and PV output);  changes to the procedures for assessing boiler efficiency;  lower default efficiencies for heat pumps.

To access the NES  summary of the changes “SAP 20-12 in a Nutshell”, click here.

The consultation documents can be accessed at: 

The first document to look at is “Background and Consultation Questions”; this provides a summary of the main changes together with some explanation of the thinking behind them as well as specific questions that DECC want responses to.   It also discusses issues being considered for SAP 2015.  The second document is a marked up version of the SAP 2012 document itself, with the additions / amendments highlighted in red.   For the deeply interested, there are also six background documents detailing how the changes were arrived at.

The Part L1A 2013 consultation and cSAP software have yet to be released, but are expected this month.