SAP 2009 document published

The final version of the SAP 2009 document was published on Tuesday 23 March. Most of the changes appear to be fairly minor as compared to the consultation version, although they will have an impact on the results of a SAP assessment. The most obvious difference is the changes to the CO2 emission factors; in most cases these are lower than the consultation version. We will shortly be updating our summary of the differences between SAP 2005 and SAP 2009. You can download the published version here.

The finalised Part L technical documents are due to be published on March 31. The changes here are expected to be greater. The Aggregate TER (Target Emission Rate) has been rejected in favour of the Flat TER, although the definition of the TER will change from the consultation version. For example, the TER calculation will assume a Party Wall U value of 0.0 rather than 0.4 - making it harder to comply with the Regs than suggested in the consultation. This was one of the recommendations made by us in our consultation response.

We will be running a series of seminars between April and September on the finalised Part L and SAP 2009 and on FEES (Fabric Energy Efficiancy Standard - see this recent blog post by Dyfrig Hughes), so watch out for dates which we will announce shortly. These will be free to NHER members. We will also be updating our NHER SAP 2009 Preview software to reflect the finalised Part L and SAP. This software will also be free to members.