RDSAP 2009 goes live Monday 17th April

The RDSAP data collection and calculation procedures change on 17 April from RDSAP 2005 to RDSAP 2009. The changes are outlined below: 

  • Up to four extensions can be input
  • Specify the floor heat loss type for all dwellings not just flats and maisonettes
  • Specify the thickness of rafter, roof room and flat roof insulation
  • Add internal insulation to timber frame walls
  • Additional roof type of ‘same dwelling above’
  • Additional floor type of ‘same dwelling below’
  • Heat pumps and micro-CHP selection from the boiler database
  • Input two primary heating systems and a secondary system
  • Input a hot water only boiler or range cooker
  • Hot water only community schemes
  • Additional fuels and controls for community heating
  • Additional fuels available
  • Directly enter the kWp of existing photovoltaic (PV) systems

 What is new on the EPC?

  • The page order has changed
  • Renewable heat incentive calculation
  • Performance related features (PRF) table now has 1–5 stars rather than very poor–very good
  • Additional bullet points in “What can I do today”
  • Indicative costs as well as savings for the recommendations

To help our members understand these changes we created a CPD module called ‘Introducing RDSAP 2009’.

This CPD module is free of charge to all members and is worth 2.5 hours of CPD towards the annual requirement.  We have been asked to extend this CPD to non members, so it is now available to everyone, whether a member of NHER or not.  NHER members will get access to the CPD free of charge.  For non members the cost is £35.00.

Click here to buy the CPD.

The CPD contains over 100 slides of important information with visual examples and mini quizzes to assist your knowledge and understanding of the changes. After reading the slides there is a ‘post assessment’ competency test to complete to show you have understood the changes.