Providing certification for completed portfolios

We understand from ABBE that a number of candidates received written confirmation from Property Professionals (PP+) that their certificates would be requested from ABBE, without this actually happening.

However, ABBE has a procedure in place if this situation applies to you. The message below has been posted on the ABBE website:

Where candidates are in receipt of a written confirmation from PP+ that their certificate is being requested, ABBE will be able to undertake an external verification of the portfolio directly. The portfolio, along with a copy of the letter or email and details of a return address, should be sent to ABBE, Birmingham City University, Franchise Street, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2SU by recorded delivery to be received no later than Friday 5 March 2010.

Please note that any portfolios received without a copy of written confirmation from PP+ will be returned without being reviewed.

If the portfolio is externally verified successfully, a certificate will be issued and will be returned with the portfolio, by recorded delivery to the return address provided.

Where the portfolio is externally verified and issues are identified, the portfolio will be returned by recorded delivery with an indication of the additional work that is required. The candidate will then need to transfer to a new assessment centre in order for them to oversee the completion of the portfolio.

Where candidates have submitted their portfolio to PP+ for final assessment and internal verification, but are NOT in receipt of a written confirmation that their certificate is being requested, then they will need to transfer to another assessment centre for the final checks to be completed.

At present, it is impossible for us to determine how many candidates are in this situation and therefore how many portfolios we can expect to receive for external verification. For this reason, please note that we will be unable to give a clear timescale for return of portfolios and certificates (where applicable) until the beginning of week commencing Monday 8 March 2010.

More information is available at ABBE's website.

Portfolio Review Day 24th February (DEA Only)

If you are a DEA and your portfolio is complete, but you do not have confirmation of sign off or a copy of the letter from Property Professionals confirming that they have applied to ABBE for certification, then we can now offer you a Portfolio Review Day.

Update 23/02/2010: The DEA portfolio review day is now fully booked. Our internal verifiers' time is now fully allocated, so please do not bring your portfolio to our offices - we will advise you when another portfolio review day is available.