Plan Assessor 6.2.2 with Data Connect

Plan Assessor 6.2.2 is the latest update to the Plan Assessor software. The focus of this release has been to improve assessor efficiency and therefore we are excited to announce that included in this version, is the highly anticipated new feature called Data Connect. 

Data Connect allows you to connect to the underlying Plan Assessor data and edit it. This makes it much easier to make batch updates on Plan Assessor records. It is also compatible with excel and means you can copy and paste data from a spreadsheet into your Plan Assessor records.

We have a great history of listening to our users and developing features in our flagship SAP software that help you work more effectively.; with Plan Assessor 4 we introduced Batch Management to easily lodge multiple EPCs. In Plan Assessor 5 we extended batch updates with a redesigned Record Manager screen. Now, in Plan Assessor 6.2.2, the Data Connect feature allows you to edit almost any data item in bulk.

As an introduction, check out this 3 minute video.

Even though Data Connect is realised alongside PA 6, we have developed a standalone launcher which means that Data Connect can be used with Plan Assessor 5.5 SQL databases too.

Data Connect gives you incredible power to edit the raw Plan Assessor data and to ensure that you feel confident in using the new feature we have created a set of guidance documentation to help make common edits. We also highly recommend carrying out the self assessment.

The self assessment includes a number of worked examples that a user would normally carry out and gives you hands on practice at using the Data Connect feature on a test database. This will increase your confidence and introduce you to, not only the software itself, but also how to use the documentation and feel comfortable using Plan Assessor Data Connect routinely.

If the self assessment pack is not for you and you want some classroom based training come to our face to face training. This not only includes hands on examples and walkthroughs of how to use Data Connect in practice, but also some tips and tricks and background information on the Plan Assessor database itself. You will also get the opportunity, at the end of the day, to take the self assessment, knowing that all the experience built up in the day can be put to good use.

For download, install information and guidance documents please visit our Knowledgebase.