New version of NES Touch for Android users

A new version of NES Touch is available on Google Play Store for Android users. If you receive automatic updates, NES Touch will have been updated without you needing to do anything.  To manually update, open the Play Store icon and go to the Home section (top left, icon has three horizontal lines), then go to My Apps and Games.  Scroll down to NES Touch in this list, tap on it once, and then tap ‘Update’. 

The following updates have taken place:

1. On the devices Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7” screen) and Multi Tout Terrain (MTT) Tablet (8” screen) there is now an alternate way to lodge a report, by long-pressing the EPC graphic.  NES Touch is now ‘compatible’ with these devices, although it was not designed for that screen resolution and the layout is distorted in some places.  Recommended minimum screen resolution is width 1280 x height 768.

2. When searching for a Scottish Address there is a longer timeout and the error messages are clearer.  To make sure you find the right Address in Scotland, we recommend using only the house number in Address Line 1, or just use the postcode to return a longer list to choose from.  If there are no results, try again with no data in Line 1 and just the Postcode.  This will give you a longer list to choose from, and is a way to get the most from the Scottish address database that Touch connects to.