NES Statement on the EU Referendum

Regardless of the particular way we each individually voted in the referendum, we will all be concerned about the impact of the referendum vote on the EPC market.

Firstly, what will be the impact on the number of property transactions that will trigger an EPC? Whilst there is a lot of uncertainty there does seem to be a consensus that property transactions will reduce for a period of time.

Secondly, what will be the impact on the regulatory drivers that require an EPC to be produced? EPCs are now part of UK regulation and help UK government fulfil their own domestic energy policy. So we are confident that EPCs will be required in the long term - indeed NES has been in the business since 1983 undertaking energy ratings and that predated the EPBD by at least 20 years.

But we must not be complacent. Accreditation schemes and the assessor community must work together to ensure the EPC continually evolves to market needs, including pushing the quality thresholds. To this extent we urge everyone to respond to the recent DCLG consultation on accreditation scheme operations. 

Until things become clearer our immediate strategy remains unchanged. Firstly we will continue striving to provide first class technical support to our EPC customers. Secondly we will make it clear to the property and construction sectors that the requirement to have an EPC remains completely unchanged. And finally, we will continue to promote the benefits of EPCs with the broader industry and government, and lobby for higher standards. 

As ever, we will continue to provide any updates that we receive to our members as soon as possible.