NES scraps annual membership fee

NES, through our NHER and SAVA schemes, are committed to supporting our members. We continue to work hard to create opportunities for our members to offer new services, earn a living and make a contribution to improving our environment.

We want to develop the energy assessor's role beyond the provision of the EPC and enable our members to support building owners - particularly the millions of homeowners - in making the changes that will deliver real cuts in their energy costs and carbon emissions.

We are all faced with real financial challenges today. That is why we have decided to scrap our annual membership fee. From 1 August, we will no longer charge a £250 annual membership fee to be an accredited member of the NHER and SAVA schemes. This doesn't change our commitment to our members; we will continue to provide the best service, the best software and the best support - but at a lower cost.

Brian Scannell, managing director of National Energy Services said: "You are no longer stuck with a choice between price and quality, head and heart. NES delivers the very best value for money today, as well as opportunities for the future."

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