NES Response to Deemed ECO Scores Consultation

NES have now submitted our response to the Ofgem consultation on the methodology that could replace EPCs for the next phase of ECO.  In summary, our response is:

  • We are unconvinced about the choice of variables for defining the ‘archetype’ dwellings that scores are based upon
  • There is a lack of differentiation in some measures, in particular PV & Roof Room Insulation 
  • There are decisions to be made in the data collection required of installers to arrive at a deemed score for a dwelling that are, in many cases,  not easy for someone without training & experience to make. In particular (a) for solid wall insulation where e.g. Age and Wall construction need to be identified (b) the definition of whether to select cavity or solid is not easy for dwellings with a mixture of wall types (c) estimating the % of property to be treated when less than the whole dwelling is being treated.  Installers do not have the training and conventions that a DEA has. 
  • There are areas where fraud is still possible with the limited deemed score dataset; and without the associated QA framework that EPCs provide and which, with the advent of Smart auditing, will further improve.  Floor area is a key data item and deriving this from number of bedrooms rather than number of habitable rooms will be less accurate and prone to fraud. 

To read our response, please click here.

Responses to the consultation need to be submitted by 8th July 2016.   Should you wish to respond, to access the Ofgem Consultation documents and response template click here

However, please note that the above consultation is about the methodology for deemed scores, should these come into force.  Ofgem has now issued a consultation about the future of ECO, which proposes that deemed scores replace the use of EPCs; this closes in August and we will brief you on this over the coming weeks.