Long Awaited Amendment to EPC Regulations issued at last

After months of waiting and promised dates coming and going, we finally have the latest regulations relating to EPCs.

The new regulations, (reference 2452) will come into force on the 6th April, giving agents and building owners plenty of time to get ready.

The main differences to be introduced by the new regulations will affect the requirements for the production of EPCS and the inspection of air-conditioning systems.  A key change will be to extend the duties currently imposed on residential property to all buildings to be sold or rented out.  In effect, after April 6th for any building that does not have a valid EPC, an EPC must be commissioned before the building is put on the market.  In addition, every effort must be made for the EPC to be obtained within 7 days of the marketing having commenced – a reduction from the current 28 days.

The other significant change will be the requirement for the first page of the EPC to be included with the written particulars.  The regulations make it clear what is meant by ‘written particulars’ for both properties for sale or for rent, though they are defined differently, and makes it clear that the definition includes a description made available electronically.  This removes the option to include an Asset Rating (the A-G graph) only on the particulars. 

Of course, these are things that Energy Assessors have demanded for a long time to help address the issue on non-compliance in both the commercial property sector and the private rented sector and NES welcomes these changes.

In addition to these items will be the requirement to lodge Air conditioning inspections reports on the central register.