Improvements to the SAVA Home Condition Survey

Since its launch in 2007, the SAVA Home Condition Survey (HCS) has proved to be an excellent product for members and their home buying clients.

In December we held a focus group with some of our Home Inspector members to determine how best we can improve the HCS still further.

At the end of the focus group, the consensus was that our members were very happy with the product and we agreed a list of nearly 30 small adjustments we can make in order to make the HCS even better for home buyers.

An example Home Condition SurveyWe have now made changes to introduce a selection of these. We plan to introduce further features in future updates to the HCS.
The improvements include:

  • Improved photo embedding. One of the key selling points of the HCS is the ability to insert photographs to illustrate important aspects of your report. Now you can insert photos in two columns to improve the layout and presentation of the HCS.
  • Improved summary of accommodation. The summary of accommodation is now much clearer – ignoring any missing floors and presenting floors in their physical order.
  • Improved layout for descriptions and justification. We’ve looked at the layout of the report and given you more room for your descriptions and justifications in sections D, E and F.
  • Less ambiguity for further investigations. If there aren’t any particular concerns about any issues, and no further investigation is necessary, this is more obviously noted, rather than a blank space. This should remove any potential confusion for the customer.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements. We’ve also made some smaller changes and bug fixes that improve the layout and presentation of text in the report.

Are you producing Home Condition Surveys?

Some of our Home Inspector members have had much success in producing the HCS, putting their Home Inspector qualification to excellent use whilst HCRs remain voluntary, and providing an extra source of revenue. Find out more on our SAVA Certification Scheme page.

To see an example HCS, click here. (PDF, 2MB)