Important Consultation on DECs

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has published a consultation on the future of Display Energy Certificates (DECs). One of the options outlined in the consultation is to completely abolish the need for DECs across 54,000 public buildings in England and Wales. You can download the consultation here.

Austin Baggett, Managing Director of NES, said, “The idea of watering down DECs, including an option to abolish them altogether, is madness. DECs help public bodies identify energy wastage and costs; this is specifically why they were introduced. Indeed, even the government’s own Department of Energy and Climate Change has been so embarrassed by their display energy certificate in the past that they have improved their performance from a “G” rating to a “C” rating and saved themselves over £150,000 a year on their energy bills.

“This is a very surprising and bizarre consultation that makes no sense. DCLG should instead be consulting on how to better enforce DECs in the public sector and how we encourage public bodies to make improvements that will get rid of energy waste that is costing taxpayers millions of pounds each and every year.”

Robert Cohen of Verco has also written a comprehensive article on the consultation titled - 'Should DECs be abolished...or improved?', please click here to read more.

NES will be responding to the consultation and encourages all of its customers to respond to DCLG in support of DECs by 11 March 2015.

Please respond by email to: or you can write directly to DCLG at:

Climate Change and Sustainable Buildings

Department for Communities and Local Government

Fry Building

2 Marsham Street



You can also write directly to your MP. 

We will not be issuing a template as DCLG are likely to ignore responses that have just replicated a standard response published by someone else.

It is important that all energy assessors take the time to do this (responses need to be received by 11 March), thank you for your support.