The Home Condition Survey - a new opportunity for DEAs

Astonishingly, fewer than 20% of home buyers commission a report on the condition of the property they wish to buy.

We know that only a similar number see the full EPC on the property they are selling, so NES (which operates the NHER and SAVA schemes) has introduced a new initiative to raise awareness of both the Home Condition Survey and the EPC, and give DEAs a potential new revenue stream.

NES introduced the Domestic Property Energy Report (sometimes referred to as the Domestic ‘Wrapper’) earlier this year. This embeds the EPC into a professional document giving the consumer more information about the energy rating. It is also possible to provide additional information about other issues related to the property. This is done via generic Factsheets, available to DEAs via NES one.

NES has introduced a new factsheet—‘When you buy a New Home’—giving home owners information about surveys they can commission on a new home, and why seeking such advice is a good idea. The home owner can also contact the SAVA Business Exchange for more information or to arrange a survey.

If a consumer books a Home Condition Survey via the ‘wrapper’ then the DEA will be paid £50.

Why are we doing this?

  • Because most sellers are buyers and we want to encourage the take up of independent condition reporting and thus work for SAVA-registered Home Inspectors
  • Because we want to find alternative revenue streams for Domestic Energy Assessors
  • Because we want to encourage DEAs to show the consumer the full EPC, not just the A-G graph

Is there a catch?

We don’t think so. Home Inspectors win because they get more instructions for condition reporting; Domestic Energy Assessors win because they have the potential for more referral fees; NES wins because we find additional revenue streams for our members.

If you want more information we are running some information seminars specifically aimed at DEAs on this in Milton Keynes in December.

To reserve a place visit the seminar page on our website.

If you have any specific queries relating to this initiative, please email Hilary Grayson.