Green Deal - No Deal

A view from National Energy Services

DECC today announced that it is scrapping funding for the Green Deal Finance Company and Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This disappointing news came without warning and has left industry professionals with many unanswered questions. 

Austin Baggett, Managing Director of National Energy Services, said “Any scheme that was announced at its launch as being the biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War was going to struggle to live up to expectations. Over the last couple of years both the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Home Improvement Fund (HIF) have provided an unsustainable free solution and have distracted everyone from the real challenge of selling Green Deal in its pure “pay as you save” form. And we have delayed tackling some of the real issues that prohibit take up.

“Today’s announcement is a huge set back, undermining confidence yet again throughout the supply chain on the government’s commitment. It also undermines confidence amongst householders on the benefits of energy saving. The concept of “pay as you save” is the only long term, sustainable way of funding the level of investment we need to make our homes cheaper to run. We look forward to continuing to support our Green Deal customers over the coming months. And we of course look forward to contributing our know-how and experience in working with our industry partners and Government in finding a new solution to make UK homes more energy efficient.”

It is not clear as of yet how this decision will affect the industry - from Green Deal Advisors through to Certification Bodies. NES is committed to ensuring its members are kept up-to-date with industry news and will be monitoring the situation closely. Further information will be released as and when we receive it. 

To read DECC's press release in full, please click here

Article published 23rd July 2015