Green Deal Call for Evidence

The Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes (EEPH) has issued a Call for Evidence, on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), to inform a review of the costs and benefits associated with a wide range of energy efficiency measures. The Green Deal will help to transform the energy efficiency of British properties, offering consumers improvements to their homes and businesses at no upfront cost. 

At the heart of the Government’s proposals is the “Green Deal plan”, an innovative financing mechanism which allows consumers to pay for measures through savings on their energy bills. Consumers will be able to see the Green Deal charge on their bill, alongside the reductions in energy used. If the current occupier moves out and ceases to be the bill-payer at that property, the financial obligation doesn’t move with them, but stays with the next bill payer. Energy efficiency improvements are only paid for while the benefits are being enjoyed. 

The “Golden Rule” principle, which states that the repayment cost of measures installed must not exceed the estimated annual energy savings on fuel bills over the financing period, will determine which measures attract Green Deal finance. 

Managed by the EEPH, the Call for Evidence will gather information about measures, including what they cost to install and how they perform. It covers a range of measures, from insulation and heating technologies to lighting and Microgeneration – looking at costs and performance individually and when combined with other measures. 

We therefore invite you to submit any evidence on the costs and performance of measures which you think is relevant and to tell us about any new data that you hope to have in the near future. Your submission might take the form of a report, analysis, product trials or a more generalised submission. Information provided should relate to measures within your own area of expertise. Members are invited to submit their evidence to by 1 April 2011 for us to send to EEPH.

For more details about the measures and information that EEPH are interested in finding out about, please read this document.

The call for evidence is also available on the EEPH website.