Energy Assessment Made Easy

New iPad and Android app brings energy assessment into the 21st Century  

A new iPad and Android app has been launched by National Energy Services (NES) to enhance the world of energy assessment and simplify the practice.

NES, renowned for its robust technical software, has developed NES Touch, a mobile reporting app, which allows energy assessors to gather their RdSAP evidence on the go and, where necessary, offline. Energy Assessors accredited by the NHER scheme now have the opportunity to download and use the NES Touch app to complete and lodge their Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). 

The app is designed to save assessors time, reduce audit failures and to increase efficiency in the role. With many assessors still relying on the paper method to gather their evidence, the app offers an easy and more reliable alternative whilst also removing the time-consuming process of transposing RdSAP data from paper onto desktop software. 

One NES Touch user has said, “On average, I am completing surveys 30-40% quicker than using the old method of pen and paper and then entering all the info into [the online system].”

Work Flexibly

NES Touch enables you to quickly collect RdSAP data in your preferred order and to see the results on screen whilst on-site without the need for Wi-Fi or 3G. You can even lodge your EPCs whilst still at the property, provided you have an internet connection, or simply wait until you’re back in the office. 

Pass Your Audits

Prompting for missing evidence is just one of the many benefits of using NES Touch to complete your energy assessments. Forgotten to add a photo? NES Touch will remind you before you lodge.  

Save Time

No more time-consuming data entry when you get back to the office – with NES Touch you can enter your RdSAP data on-site and it is ready to lodge! 


NES Touch is multi-platform, available on both iPad and Android devices*.

“NES Touch has saved hours of work. No more late nights and no more sending off information for audits – bliss! Strongly recommended.”

NHER members can download and use the app for free for 30 days. Simply download from one of the links below and use your existing NES one details to log in: 

Not an NHER member? Your free trial will allow you to test the software, but will not allow you to lodge. For the full experience, join the NHER Accreditation Scheme today. Alternatively, if you would like a 30 day free trial to test the software's features, please email      

*For a list of compatible devices, please click here to view our FAQs.  

Published 11th May 2015