The Energy Act 2011 becomes law.

Greg Barker, DECC Minister announced today, "I am very pleased to share with you that the Energy Act 2011 has received Royal Assent and become law, setting in stone the legal framework for the Green Deal. It is now one year to go until the launch in October 2012. The Green Deal will revolutionise the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes and businesses. It will help people insulate against rising energy prices, creating homes which are warmer and cheaper to run. As well as helping people save money through home energy improvement , the Green Deal will be a massive business opportunity. The Energy Act is a crucial milestone, allowing us to move onto the next steps of making the Green Deal a practical reality. "

Brian Scannell, Managing Director of National Energy Services said "The fact that the Energy Bill has now received Royal Assent is a fantastic step towards making the Green Deal a reality. However, there is a lot of detail now to sort out and we look forward to the publication of the Green Deal consultation next week. We will be putting forward our own ideas to Government about how to make the Green Deal a reality and we invite the views of our members on this matter."

Further information can be found contained in the original Energy Act 2011 document