Display Energy Certificates - CLG releases information on lodgement

Following a Freedom of Information request from PEPA (http://www.pepassociation.org ) CLG has issued two lists providing information on Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

The first list simply identifies all DECs which have been lodged on the central register since October 2008. It is impossible to quantify any sort of compliance level against this list (which also includes repeat DECs) because there is no definitive information on the number of properties that should have a DEC. The only thing that can be extrapolated is that 65,000 DECs have been lodged in total.

The second list identifies those buildings where a DEC has expired and has not been renewed (DECs should be renewed on an annual basis).

There are 16,500 building listed on this second list, including (and embarrassingly for Government) a number of high profile buildings.

We will make this list available to our PBEA members so that they can identify if public buildings in their area have a current DEC.