DECC and CLG developing policy to improve existing EPC framework, but no formal details published yet

NES Ltd has received a joint letter from DECC and GLC thanking us for our views on how the existing energy performance of buildings regime has been working and the extent to which it will be capable of supporting future policy implementation, in particular the Green Deal.  We were asked to comment in December as part of a wider consultation exercise.

DECC and CLG told us that the overwhelming views of respondents was that change was needed to all aspects of the Energy Performance of Buildings framework.

In the domestic sector the EPC was generally seen as an important trigger for consumers to implement energy efficiency measures, but feedback indicated that it is not only NES which considers that this opportunity is often missed and key issues highlighted by respondents was the need for a more tailored EPC report supported by stronger training, accreditation and enforcement regimes.

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Similar issues were raised in respect of non-domestic buildings and in addition concerns expressed over the Display Energy Certificate (DEC) methodology and whether there is a need for two systems (EPCs and DECs) operating side by side for non-dwellings.  

DECC and CLG have formally told us that they are developing policy to tackle each of these areas in order to improve the existing framework and prepare the ground for the Green Deal.

We now await further information on how these changes are to be implemented.   The substance of the changes was not specified in the letter but we are anticipating imminent updates in April/July and more substantive changes coming down the line for next April.