Customer Survey for Domestic EPC lodgements

A communication was sent to our DEA members on Tuesday 21 February about the requirement to submit an email address to NES one so your customer can take part in a customer satisfaction survey. This is in response to the DCLG DEA Scheme Operating Requirement that states we are required to carry out checks with customers to ensure that our members are complying with the Code of Conduct.

The email explained that as of Thursday 23 February you will need to ask your customer if they are willing to participate in a customer satisfaction survey once you have completed their EPC. If so you must capture their email address to enter into NES one. NES one has been with the following fields in the ‘P1 General Details page’. You will be required to fill them in for each RDSAP EPC you complete:

  • Customer willing to answer satisfaction survey? (Tick box if yes)
  • Customer present? (Tick box if yes)
  • Customer’s email address or
  • Left satisfaction survey details with a customer

If the customer is willing to participate in the survey we will extract this data from NES one and send the customer a link to an online survey.

Further questions

We have received lots of questions from members and have answered these below in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions summary.

What if my customer is willing to take part and does not have an email address?We have created a template that you can print and give to your customer. This explains the purpose of the customer survey and lists the questions. The customer can either call our Compliance team on 01908 442288 to answer the questions or visit a link that is listed on the form if they have access to the internet and wish to complete the survey online. The template is called Customer Satisfaction Survey Template and can be found in the General Documents section of Useful Documents in your NES one account.

Can you produce a template on headed paper that explains the requirements to my customer?
Yes. We have added this to the question template mentioned above so you have all of the required information available for the customer. This will also explain that the scheme will not use their details for any other purpose but that you (the DEA) may use their email address to send the finalised report to them if that is what you have agreed.

Can I see the questions?
Yes. The questions are available to view in the question template that we have stored in the General Documents section of Useful Documents in your NES one account. All of the questions are mandatory questions that DCLG has said we must include in the survey. We can choose to add to the questions at a later date.

Where is our Code of Conduct?
The Scheme Code of Conduct is called the Product Rules for Domestic Energy Assessors. You can see this document in the‘Product and Membership Rules’ section of Useful Documents in your NES one account.

Do I need to ask for feedback for every EPC?
The DCLG requirements say you must obtain an email address (or leave a questionnaire) in properties which are occupied when visited. They also say that the occupier does not necessarily need to be present but you must mention the survey to your customer and ask if they wish to take part in a survey. If so you must either take their email address or leave a questionnaire if they do not have an email address and still want to take part.

What if the properties are void/empty?
The DCLG requirement is for properties that are occupied (but the occupier does not need to be present). If the property is void/empty we would not be looking for a response. Please mark on your site notes that the property is void/empty where possible.

Who is the customer in the case of landlords, estate agents, solicitors and tenants?
A customer is defined in the DCLG SORs as:
a) A person who commissions an energy assessment (e.g. the homeowner)
b) Any seller or landlord on whose behalf an energy assessment is commissioned
c) Any person acting on behalf of the seller or landlord of a building for whom an energy assessment is produced (e.g. the solicitor or estate agent)
d) The person who receives the assessment or EPC as part of leasing arrangements (e.g. the tenant)

The majority of the questions are designed to seek feedback on the assessor’s conduct during the assessment so where possible we would expect the person present during the assessment to participate in the survey if they are willing. The DCLG requirements state that the occupier does not necessarily need to be present and there are questions to answer even if there was no one present during the assessment. It may be that your customer is the landlord, agent or solicitor in this instance and you should therefore ask if they wish to participate in a feedback survey.

What will you be looking for when you analyse the responses?
We will be looking for consistently negative feedback from customers, where we are informed of a serious matter or where there is evidence that you have not been asking customers to participate in the survey (e.g. there is clear evidence that you are visiting properties that are occupied and you have not had any responses over a large time period). We appreciate some of your customers may not wish to participate and will take this into consideration when analysing the responses. Failure to obtain a response will not result in an audit fail.

We also appreciate that some customers may complain about the price of the report or a limitation of RDSAP. You will not face any further action in instances such as these.

Will I be advised of any negative comments you have received or the cause for concern where you take further action against me?
We will always fully investigate before suspending a member. You will therefore be given an opportunity to summarise your account of a survey or complaint as part of the investigation.

I have a client that may object to me asking for this information. What should I do?
All DEAs will be required to ask their customers to participate in a survey as this is a mandatory DCLG requirement. You should explain this requirement to your client and also that the customer can choose not to take part.

Will you follow up on the request if the customer does not answer the survey?
No. We will not chase up any customers who have said they will participate but then choose not to.

Is this required for other EPCs that I may complete e.g. Commercial?
This requirement is only for Domestic (RDSAP) EPC reports at this time.

We appreciate that you may have further questions and we will pose these to DCLG if we are unable to provide a response.