Confirmation of delay to changes in EPC Regs

DCLG has written to PEPA to tell them again of their proposed changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 (the EPB regulations). 

They confirmed that although they had originally aimed to bring most of these proposed changes into force on 1 July, for reasons not stated this was not possible. The communication went on to say that still intend to bring the changes into force as soon as they can, but unfortunately did not give any indication of the revised time table.

The proposed changes to the EPB Regulations can be summarised as follows:

  • the changes will extend the current requirements to commission an EPC that apply to residential buildings to all residential and non residential buildings when sold or rented out i.e the duty to commission an EPC before marketing will be extended to the sale and rent of residential and non-residential buildings;
  • there will be a requirement to provide an EPC with written particulars for all buildings to be sold or rented out and the option to attach the asset rating, the A-G graph, will be removed. The requirement will only extend to the first page of the EPC (the EPC will be redesigned to consist of two pages, accompanied by four pages of recommendations); The existing definition of ‘written particulars’ will be expanded to ensure that particulars produced for rented out buildings and commercial properties are captured by the new requirements.  
  • There will be a requirement for the statutory lodgement of air conditioning inspection reports onto the central EPC Register.
  • the current 28 day period within which an EPC is to be secured using ‘reasonable efforts’ will be reduced to 7 days and if after that 7 day period the EPC has not been secured the relevant person will have a further 21 days in which to do so.

The communications indicated that Landmark Solutions have agreed to provide a technical means to attach the EPC to electronic written particulars. This will enable estate agents to attach the EPC to written particulars without the need for them to purchase new software or change their existing software.

NES remains disappointed and frustrated at the delay to the implementation of the changes to the regulations.  From research carried out last year we are only too aware of issues on non compliance in some sectors.  Through our association with PEPA we will continue to lobby for change to the regulations.