The Commercial Property Energy Report for CEAs

We recently held a focus group with our Commercial Energy Assessor members. As a result of this, we launched the first version of the Commercial Property Energy Report (CPER) in December. 

A CPER is an attractive, professional way to present the EPC, its recommendations and any supporting information to the building owner.

To produce a CPER, you produce and lodge the CEPC in the normal way using NES one, our member area. Then, if you want to present your client with extra information, you select the ‘Commercial Property Energy Report’ option. This gives you the ability to create a professional document for your client incorporating the EPC and Recommendations report, with a minimum of extra work for you. The fully formatted report is created as one PDF with a front cover (which can incorporate your logo), introduction and executive summary.  

Improving the Commercial Property Energy Report

 Extra functionality is available for you to deliver a more comprehensive, attractive and tailored report to the building owner. These include:

  • Improved photo embedding. Like the Home Condition Survey, one of the key selling points of the CPER is the ability to insert photographs to illustrate important aspects of your report. You can insert photos in two columns to improve the layout and presentation of the report.
  • Add our standard factsheets to give extra information. Within NES one we have a series of factsheets on a variety of topics that you can insert into the report as an appendix. click here to view an example. You can use these factsheets to explain the purpose of the EPC and to give more information on certain aspects that will be of interest to the building owner.
  • Add your own factsheets to give bespoke information. You can also create and insert your own factsheets, if there is specific information you would like to give the building owner. Once you have inserted a factsheet once, it is saved in your library (within NES one) and you can re-use it at any point in the future. This will be extremely useful if you find yourself assessing similar properties over a period of time.

In our experience the CPER is especially useful for building owners managers that are not selling the property, and therefore have an ongoing interest in improving energy efficiency and reducing running costs, but we have had positive feedback from a variety of sources. Once you’ve created the CPER, you then email the whole report to your client or print and bind a hard copy. 

Are you producing Commercial Property Energy Reports?

Feedback so far from our Commercial Energy Assessors is incredibly positive, with the CPER considered an excellent to provide excellent value-added services and to differentiate you from members of other schemes. To produce the CPER for your clients, join our Accreditation Scheme for Commercial Energy Assessors.

To see an example CPER, click here. (PDF, 3MB)