Commercial EPC Index - 61% non-compliant

This monthly index, run by NES and, monitors how many commercial buildings currently being marketed have a valid EPC. In February 2010, 39% of commercial properties identifiable on the government's central register were legal and compliant, whilst the remaining 61% did not have an EPC lodged.

This index has been introduced to follow up on NES' research in June 2009, which showed that more than 80% of commercial property agents were unable to supply a mandatory EPC for the offices or shops they were marketing. The sample for February includes 1084 buildings taken from the areas of Cumbria, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex and an update of the Leicester region and includes properties that have a floor area in excess of 50 sqm and which have been on the market for at least six months. The index is improving, but a compliance rate of 39% remains woefully short of industry expectations.

EPC compliance index for February 2010

Progressing the index

In order to continue to progress the index towards more acceptable levels, NES will continue to communicate with organisations concerned with the delivery process.

Where possible, we will be working more closely with Trading Standards Officers such as Paul Taylor of East Sussex County Council who comments as follows:

"Having conducted a lot of work into improving compliance with commercial EPCs, I am fully aware of the obstacles preventing the levels of compliance NDEAs would like to see. Firstly the legislation contains too many grey areas, like ‘no fixed heating or ability’. The fines are too low and Trading Standards are becoming increasingly intel-led and unfortunately not many people complain about the lack of an EPC. Down here in East Sussex, we are sending advice out to Commercial Agents and conducting visits requesting EPCs on properties. This is beginning to help increase compliance but it is certainly an uphill journey with a long way still to go."