Barclays loan agreement - update for PP candidates

Update: see our Home Inspector qualification page for more information.

We are aware that a significant number of PP candidates financed their training and assessment with a deferred loan agreement from Barclays that was arranged by Property Professionals (PP).

Several individuals have contacted us to say that they have been notified by Barclays that they will allow the candidate to complete their qualification with another provider. This is potentially good news, but before making any decision, we would strongly recommend that candidates confirm all of their options before making any decision.

The key question is whether the demise of PP cancels the agreement between the candidate and Barclays. In other words, do those affected have the option of simply giving up without incurring any financial obligation to Barclays?

This may or may not be an option – we haven’t seen the agreements and we aren’t in a position to provide legal or financial advice. But we would strongly recommend that anyone with an agreement with Barclays ask the question.

As we mentioned in a previous update, we recommend that anyone who paid for their training and assessment with a loan or with a credit card contact their lender or card provider and notify them of what has happened. We understand that some credit card providers have already committed to refunding the payment  - we hope that many candidates will benefit from this.

For those candidates who do want to continue with their qualification, we offer a number of options. These are easily found if you look at the previous news items on this website. We will be adding other options, particularly for Home Inspector candidates, over the coming weeks. Given the complexity of the situation and the difficulties that candidates have already suffered, we want to make sure that the options we offer help rather than add to individuals problems.

Feedback from DEA Portfolio Assessment Day

The DEA portfolio assessment day went smoothly yesterday. We have a number of portfolios to present to the External Verifier when he visits the centre tomorrow (Friday 26 February). We will begin to notifiy candidates of the outcome of the portfolio review next week - please be patient.