National Energy Services’ ECO software approved as meeting Ofgem requirements; the first and only bespoke ECO software

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National Energy Services’ ECO Online software has now been approved as meeting Ofgem requirements. This makes ECO Online the only bespoke ECO software currently on the market that is Approved as meeting Ofgem requirements.

This approval means that the calculations have been checked and validated by BRE on behalf of Ofgem, and means that when Ofgem audit ECO scores they will be able to verify that the score has been reported from an approved software provider.

Dyfrig Hughes, Product Development Director said “Over the last 6 weeks our technical experts have been working hard to ensure that ECO Online meets the Ofgem specification. This was a time consuming and complex process so we are extremely pleased to be the first and only provider to offer approved software".

Dyfrig Hughs, Product Development Director"ECO Online is considered by Ofgem to be bespoke software because it automates the complex process of generating ECO scores from RDSAP data for a dwelling as it was pre improvement. Undertaking ECO scores manually can be very complex and time consuming, with a good chance of making a significant error. Calculating accurate ECO scores is business critical for energy companies and ECO Online will make this possible”, continued Dyfrig.

The benefits of using bespoke Ofgem approved software are:

  • Calculations have been checked for accuracy by an external agency, BRE, for a range of test files covering each improvement measure
  • Users of the software need only be concerned to ensure that they are entering the correct data on the installed measures into the software
  • Energy companies and Ofgem are far less likely to query ECO scores coming from approved software and the likelihood of scores having to be reassessed is much reduced
  • Installers using the service to predict the value of measures can have more confidence in their predicted scores and hence the monetary value of their measures

If you are not yet a user of ECO Online it is quick and easy to be set up. Access to the service is available on a ‘pay per use’ basis if you are a member of the NHER Accreditation Scheme or on a monthly contract offering bulk discounts. For more information, click here or call us on 01908 442244.