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Free to download and simple pricing

Free to download
and simple pricing

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EPC mobile tablet app for Android. and iPad.

30 Day Trial Offer!

30 Day Trial Offer!

There's nothing like experiencing the real thing and deciding for yourself.

Download NES Touch and start your free 30 day trial and see why assessors are using NES Touch for their EPC assessments.

Once your trial period comes to an end you’ll have the option to continue using NES Touch to lodge your EPCs at our standard pricing fees.

Download for Android

Download for iPad

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Simple Pricing
The NES Touch mobile tablet app is free to download, and you can download it for Android Tablet and iPad.

There is a fee of just £1.00 per report, incurred on report creation, in addition to your standard lodgement fees. All fees are payable in arrears and subject to VAT.


What You Get

Key Features
Work offline and lodge when connected to Wi-Fi or 3G
Prominent evidence prompts to help you avoid missing evidence
Automatic upload of photographic evidence and site notes
Powerful Google style search facility to quickly locate your jobs
Accurate results show on your tablet without needing internet access
Create jobs on the app or in any system integrated with NES Touch
Automatic saving of your data as you enter it
15 years secure storage of photographic evidence and site notes
Easy data retrieval for audit/investigation
Produced by the NHER Accreditation Scheme
Developed and maintained by in-house software development team
Robust infrastructure backed up by excellent technical support

Having had experience of other accreditation bodies NES prove themselves to be way ahead and head and shoulders above the rest!"
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