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Discover tips and techniques to get the best out of NES Touch

Discover tips and techniques to get the best out of NES Touch

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EPC mobile tablet app for Android. and iPad.

Watch a Quick Demo of NES Touch


Watch a Quick Demo of NES Touch

In this short demo video you'll be able to see some of the features of NES Touch and how it can help save you time,
manage your photographs and evidence, and reduce the risk of audit failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Downloading NES Touch

How do I download NES Touch?

You can download NES Touch free of charge from the App Store (for iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android).

Click here to download NES Touch from the App Store

Click here to download NES Touch from the Google Play Store

How much space will be needed for the NES Touch app?

NES Touch for Android is 30Mb whilst on iPad it is 100Mb (additional Apple software needs to be included), so connect to a Wi-Fi network first.

Is there a user guide?

The NES Touch User Guide (PDF) is available here.

Are there any release notes?

Download the NES Touch Release Notes (PDF) for iPad here.

Download the NES Touch Release Notes (PDF) for Android here.

What's the latest version?

Version 2.4 was released January 2016 for Android and iPad

Mobile Devices and Platforms

What platforms is NES Touch available on?

NES Touch is available on iOS through the Apple App Store, and Android through the Google Play Store.

What mobile devices does NES Touch work on?

Designed and optimised for tablet computers but not currently available for smartphones or phablets. NES Touch has been tested to work correctly on all Apple iPads excluding the original 2010 model.

NES Touch works with a wide variety of Android tablets and we do not recommend any particular device. More information about the devices we have used in testing is in the release notes. NES Touch should work on your Android tablet if it meets this minimum specification:

• Screen resolution of at least 1280 by 768 pixels
• Android 4.2 (Jellybean) or later
• Screen size of 7" of greater

Are there any Android devices where NES Touch is not supported?

Although there are still some layout issues with tablets on 1024x768 screen resolution, the new version allows these to be used. Older tablets that have not have received an Android 4.2 update will not meet the minimum Android version.

Which operating systems support NES Touch

Tested on Apple iOS 7, 8 and 9, and on Android 4.2 (Jellybean), 4.4 (Kitkat), 5.0 and 5.1 (Lollipop).

What size tablet will NES Touch work on?

A minimum screen size of 7" with resolution of at least 1280x768 is essential.

Getting Started

How do I login to NES Touch?

You can log into NES Touch using your NES one User ID and password, provided as part of your membership to the NHER Accreditation scheme.

Do I have to log in each time?

If you fully close NES Touch and clear your active apps, then you will need to log in again. However, if you just press your home screen button or lock the screen then you will remain logged in.

Do I need an internet connection to login to Touch?

The first time you log into NES Touch you will need an internet connection (either Wi-Fi or 3G) to allow your account information to be synchronised between NES one and Touch. After this initial synchronisation you can work offline, as long as you connect to the internet at least once a week.

Do you have to add an appointment to do an EPC?

Yes. Add an appointment (or 'job') to record all data including RdSAP.

When do you have to choose the payment account?

You will need to select the relevant payment account when you start the survey.

NES Touch Functionality

How will NES store my photographs and evidence?

NES use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store photographs taken in the app with secure data centre backup for 15 years.

Within the first 12 months of the survey date, the data can be retrieved on the tablet immediately (subject to bandwidth). After 12 months, the data is moved to longer term storage and the retrieval will take several hours.

Can I see all my history on NES Touch?

NES Touch will display all of your reports in the Appointments screen.
You can choose a time interval called the ‘Retention Period’ on the Settings menu. The options are 5 days, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Reports (finalised and with uploaded photographs) outside of this time interval can be removed from the device.

Can I duplicate or copy an EPC similar to NES one?

This feature is not currently available.

If the battery on my tablet runs out part way through an assessment, can I finish the job on NES one?

Data is stored locally within the tablet and it will be available to you as soon as the battery can be re-charged. At this point the data would NOT have been uploaded to NES one.

Do you need to be in the relevant report when you take the photo for it to be linked?

Yes, to automatically link a photo to a job you will need to have that job open on the screen. In addition to taking photos whilst in NES Touch, you can also upload other photos from your tablet that have not been previously linked to a job.

Does the notes section upload as part of the audit documentation?

Yes - the caption section will operate as a note section and will show on the audit report.

Can I use another camera app (on Android) to take the photos

We recommend always using the in-built standard camera app rather than other third-party camera apps. Our testing, particularly with Android ‘Kitkat’ (4.4.2 and 4.4.3) has shown that there have been some stability issues with some camera apps

NES and the NHER Scheme

I am not an NHER member, how do I join?

If you’re not already a member of our NHER Accreditation Scheme, it’s easy to join. Simply apply online or download and complete our application form, and post it back to us.

Our dedicated Membership team are also here to support you during this process and can be contacted by emailing or calling 01908 442277.

Please contact the team if you have any questions about this process.