It is essential that the Application Form is filled in to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, and that you complete and sign the form.

Failure to do so or failure to disclose any relevant information may prejudice the application for membership of the scheme and may lead to disciplinary action in the future, which could result in withdrawal of membership.

Please ensure that you have completed all sections of this form and that you have enclosed the accompanying documents which are listed in section 10 below.

We reserve the right to come back to you to ask for further information.

This form requests information which relates to your eligibility to complete Home Condition Surveys with us. If you are assessed not to meet the eligibility criteria then we will inform you in writing, which will include your right to appeal against our decision.

Please read this application form in conjunction with the membership agreement, membership rules, how to apply and product rules as signing this application form confirms your adherence to these documents. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our Scheme.

If you need help to complete this form or if you have any questions then please call us on 01908 442105 or email us at

All sections marked with * are required fields

1. Personal Details

2. Details of Qualifications and Certificates

To be eligible to be a member of the scheme you must hold one of the following qualifications or certificates:

  • Level 4 Diploma in Home Inspection
  • ABBE/PSSB Level 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying
  • ABBE/PSSB Level 6 Diploma In Residential Surveying and Valuation
  • Certificate of Direct Entry for experienced residential surveyors with membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

3. Other Memberships

Details of membership of other accreditation schemes or professional bodies (including current applications where the outcome is not yet known)

4. Details of previous membership

Please tell us about your previous membership of other accreditation schemes or professional bodies, and the reasons for leaving the scheme

5. Evidence of competency

Please note if you are joining us from another accreditation scheme or professional body we may ask you to provide a record of your Continuous Professional Development from the last 12 months to prove your ongoing competency. If you have not yet joined an accreditation scheme but qualified more than a year ago, we may ask you to provide a summary of how you have maintained your competence as part of your application.

6. Insurance

7. Other Relevant Matters

To be eligible to become a member of the scheme you must be a fit and proper person. The answers to the following questions will help us decide whether there are any matters that may require further investigation in order to be able to make an assessment. It should be noted, that disclosure of any information listed below does not necessarily mean that you will be excluded from Scheme Membership, but failure to disclose any material factor, could lead to subsequent disciplinary action.

8. Criminal Record Requirements

You must obtain and provide us with the original copy of a basic level criminal record disclosure for yourself. This document will advise us of any unspent criminal convictions that you may have. We can accept a disclosure that is no more than 1 year old at the time we receive your application. Please send the original copy to us as part of your application and we will return it to you once we have completed your registration. If you wish to upload a colour copy of your disclosure, this must be authenticated. Please see the document How to Apply for your Basic Disclosure for further details.

9. Find an Assessor details

NES has a Find an Assessor database on our website where members of the public can search for names and contact details of assessors: Find an Assessor Once you are accredited, your membership number, name, email and phone number will appear.

You may choose to provide us with any or all of the optional details listed below, which will then be placed on the Find an Assessor list.

  • Your name (your first name and surname will be listed unless you provide an alternative display name)
  • Your contact address (you can list a personal address, company address or the scheme’s own address)
  • Your membership number (which we will issue to you)
  • Your qualifications (the accreditations you hold with our scheme)
  • Your membership status (active, not active, suspended, struck off, deleted)
  • Your contact telephone number (you must display an active telephone number)
  • Your contact email address (you must display an active email address)
  • Your Base Postcode (a full postcode that can be used, this will not be visible on the register)

If you do not complete the information below, the required details will be taken from your personal details as provided on the application form.

10. Document checklist

11. Payment of report lodgements

All report lodgements will be charged by direct debit on a monthly basis. Please download the direct debit mandate and complete and upload your details.

12. Declarations

You should carefully read the following declarations prior to signing and dating this application.

  1. I understand that the following information will be publicly available on the Find an Assessor list whilst I am active:
    1. My name
    2. My unique Membership Number
    3. My membership status
  2. By signing this application form, I confirm that I have read and understood the following documents which I agree I will be bound by in order to become and remain a member:
    1. The Membership Rules
    2. The Product Rules for HCS
    3. The Scheme Membership Agreement

    (The documents are available to download from our website within the supplementary documentation folder:

  3. I have read and agree the details of the scheme insurance requirements as set out in the Scheme Rules
  4. I confirm that I have answered all the questions on this Application Form to the best of my knowledge, information and belief and that I have not withheld any relevant information
  5. I confirm that when I commence operations, I will have in place a customer complaints policy that meets the standards set out in the Scheme Rules
  6. I agree to notify the scheme immediately of any changes in my personal circumstances that mean I am unable to undertake inspections
Please either upload an electronic signature or download and sign the declaration signature form and upload this by taking a clear photo of the signed page. Any electronic signature received will be verified against an electronic signature on your passport or driving licence.
After pressing 'submit' the screen should update to acknowledge your application. You will also receive a confirmation to your specified email address. If your application is not acknowledged, please check your attachments are within the file size limits of 2MB per attachment. For any other queries please feel free to contact us at or 01908 442105.