What Our Customers Say About NES ECO Online

"NHER lead the way again with another excellent software package. ECO Online is now the 'industry standard' for ECO submissions."

"We were directed to ECO Online by a funder and have not looked back since. The software is easy to use and provides concise data which is beyond reproach. I have recommended ECO Online software to our entire installer network such is our faith in this software."

"Many relationships are B2B this is P2P - professional to professional. You can trust NES."

"As usual NES provide an excellent service."

"Having had experience of other accreditation bodies NES prove themselves to be way ahead and head and shoulders above the rest! A company proves itself by how it reacts to problems and NES are quick to respond and resolve any issues (not that there have been many) I would be more than happy to recommend NES. ”

"A very professional, thorough system.”

"I am a very busy DEA .....NES provide well thought out systems that any one can use without wasting time learning tricky systems....as they say it does what it says on the tin".

"Very impressed.”

"ECO Online's clever use of XML data from lodged EPCs makes processing of ECO data so simple to use."

"Working with a number of Energy Providers to provide ECO-Funding and Compliance Management to Local Authorities and Social Landlords across the UK, the high number of properties we process on a monthly basis means it was vital to ensure we had ECO software that would not only ensure accuracy and consistency when the figures are checked by Ofgem, but one that was also efficient and cost-effective to use. ECO Online fulfills all these criterion and, over the last few months, has become a key part of our business in this area."

"Most accurate of any accreditation scheme."

"I have always found NES to be very supportive and helpful."

"Helpful staff."

"I have found the software very useful for our company and would highly recommend.”

"We would be happy to recommend the NES ECO service to other local authorities and social landlords. It has allowed us the ability to negotiate much more lucrative funding with our ECO provider based on a more accurate reflection of the carbon saved from the measures proposed.”

"The service has helped our business to validate carbon scores, especially at a time when there was a lot of uncertainty in the industry. It has continued to develop and is a vital tool for our business. Good value for money too."

"ECO Online is indispensable to our business, it allows us to quickly generate reliable Eco reports and using it is very easy and intuitive."

"ECO Online is very easy to use and has been a blessing; saves time and money because in the early stages of ECO we were doing calculations manually."

"Very easy and accurate tool to complete the necessary scoring required for Eco funding."

"The ECO software is very easy to setup... and it has been a valuable tool in growing my business."

"NES ECO is a fantastically simple tool, which saves time and money, whilst giving results in a clear and easy to understand format."

"The software works well and I'm able to produce a report with ease."

"NES ECO is short, simple and easy to use."

"A great tool that is very easy to use."

"Easy ECO."

"ECO online is simple and effective providing my clients with what they need."

"NES + ECO have helped to drive our business forward smoothly and quickly, with easy to use software."

"NES have the best software and the best support for DEAs and now repeat that for GDAs and ECO calculations."

"Good quick set up and easy to understand and input."

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Features of ECO Online that our customers say have value to their business:

"Confidence in calculations; ease of use."

"The reputation of using NES systems provides strong marketing value for me."

"Ease of use."

"Calculating the Carbon score before we start any works."

"Speed and support."

"Uploading xml file into the software, which creates the initial report. Report emailed immediately when finalised. The whole thing is very good."

"That the software sends all the info to my email without having to retrieve any information from my NES account."

"Producing the ECO Report and sending it direct to email, with the XMLs and datasheets."

"Quick and speedy scoring."

"Easy to use and quick. Also great that it emails all of the files you require."

"It is easy to add measures and calculate. And provides instant results that are Approved."

"Enabling us to value the work before we undertake it."

"Ease and simplicity in using it."

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