SBEM online

A Commercial Energy AssessorSBEM Online is the first-class reporting software for producing Commercial Energy Performace Certificates. This web-based software enables Commercial Energy Assessors to produce EPCs for level 3 and level 4 existing commercial buildings and new-builds.

The software is intuitive and easy to use with a user-friendly interface that helps to simplify the data entry process. 

SBEM Online is designed for:

  • Level 3 and level 4 Commercial Energy Assessors
  • Corporate customers needing to check the energy performance of their commercial buildings

Designed and maintained by our experienced in-house software developers, users have the added reassurance that an agile and knowledgeable team is available to provide assistance where needed. 

All users of SBEM Online receive FREE ongoing technical support 6 days per week via telephone and e-mail. 

SBEM Online is free to use for all Commercial Energy Assessors registered with the NHER Accreditation Scheme. 

Features and benefits:

  • SBEM Online is the only software on the market with a graphic interface that allows you to create a layout of the building either from your own notes or from an existing floor plan. After the layout and zones are created, all the envelopes will be automatically generated saving you time when compared with the standard iSBEM software. This makes the process of data entry and data generation much quicker. 
  • The process of data entry is straightforward and intuitive. You’re guided through a logical sequence, arranged just like you would go around the building. 
  • You can see exactly what you are entering – a 2D plan facility means you can see the layout of the building and its zones and quickly make adjustments. Creating the zones sets up the envelopes and these are all orientated at the end of the data entry process in one movement, rather than set individually.
  • Easy reference, checking and editing of all data.
  • Improved module to help you check and edit the final list of recommendations.
  • Produces non domestic (commercial) EPCs for existing buildings in England and Wales

Screenshots and video

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Below is an 8-minute video demonstrating some of the features of SBEM Online:

SBEM online tour from National Energy Services on Vimeo.

Technical requirements:

Designed for desktop and PC usage with all modern browsers. 

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