E-efficiency is NHER's online energy assessment, calculation and advice system. It is has been used by major energy providers such as npower, Scottish and Southern, Marks & Spencer and the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

E-efficiency is designed for use by:

  • Members of the public e.g. householders
  • Corporates concerned with energy efficiency e.g. energy companies

The system is available in two forms: the full solution and the calculation engine only.

The full solution:

The full E-efficiency solution was developed for UK energy companies. The system comprises three distinct elements.

  • An online energy efficiency survey for use by members of the public. This displays immediate results and recommendations to the user
  • A searchable online energy efficiency advice centre specifically aimed at householders
  • An administration interface that allows configuration of the application, including the linkage of product offers to the recommendations provided by the system and access to the underlying database

The calculation engine:

Our calculation engine is also available to licence as a discrete applicatio and can be hosted by NHER on secure servers, or your own.

  • Uses the NHER DIYSAP set of data input items
  • Generates an energy rating, running costs, and a set of improvement recommendations

The calculation engine was licensed to the Energy Saving Trust, the government agency responsible for encouraging energy efficiency in the UK's 25 million homes.

Screenshot of the EST's home energy check

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