Complaints and Appeals

Customers can complain about both the quality of the work carried out by our members, or about their conduct.

All such complaints should be initially sent to the member concerned, who is required to deal with them in accordance with our Scheme Rules. If the complaint is about one of our certified Green Deal Assessor Organisations, the complaint should be sent directly to the organisation.

Our Scheme Rules for energy assessors and Organisational Rules for Green Deal Assessor Organisations state that the member or organisation should accurately record all aspects of the complaint, and use best endeavours to resolve it satisfactorily.

If the member or organisation cannot resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction our Scheme Rules and Organisational Rules state that customer complaints can be escalated to the scheme, for a formal review or escalation to the relevant body in the case of Green Deal complaints.

The results of a review are always binding on our member or certified organisation, but do not attempt to restrict a customer’s rights to recourse to law.

When making a complaint always ask for a copy of our member’s or certified organisation's own customer complaint procedure.

Your statutory rights are not affected by using the complaints procedure.

If you would like to talk to us or escalate a complaint for a formal review, please contact us on 01908 442277 or email

If you are a member of our scheme and wish to make a complaint about the scheme or appeal against a decision we have made, please refer to our Complaints Procedure or Appeals Procedure on the right hand side of the page.  

If you wish to make a complaint about our training and assessment, or anything else that it is about National Energy Services (NES) Limited, please click here to see the NES Limited Complaints Process.