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Green Deal Assessments no longer required for Domestic RHI applications

DECC has recently published a paper on amendments being made to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. One of the key changes is the removal of the requirement to have a Green Deal Assessment. The paper states:

Green Deal - No Deal

A view from National Energy Services

DECC today announced that it is scrapping funding for the Green Deal Finance Company and Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This disappointing news came without warning and has left industry professionals with many unanswered questions. 

ECO - the wait is over - now lets work up the detail

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Austin Baggett


So after weeks of speculation we now have had the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, preceded a couple of days ago by DECC's announcements on proposed changes to both ECO and Green Deal.

ECO has certainly been weakened with targets stretched out from 2 years to 4 years and a serious cut back in the targets for the Carbon Emissions Reduction element which will dramatically scale back solid wall insulation activity. However the pill is sweetened by the annoucement of some new initiatives, including up to £1000 of help for new homebuyers to spend on energy saving measures.

Getting experience with the Green Deal

As you would expect, the big buzz around Ecobuild, and indeed everywhere else in the energy efficiency space this year, is Green Deal. Not surprising given the fact that Green Deal is the Government's flagship policy to drive down carbon emissions and fuel bills in the UK's 25 million homes.

DECC reveals Green Deal Figures for first month

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released figures for the very first time on the Green Deal.

Green Deal Information Seminar

Green Deal will be launched in October this year. It is set to transform the world of energy efficiency and the assessment carried out by a Green Deal Advisor will be the key to unlocking the Green Deal funding.

We have developed a seminar to help you understand what being a Green Deal Advisor will involve. The seminar will take place in Milton Keynes on the 15 and 23 May and lunch for both sessions will be served at 1pm.

No bombshells in the new SAP

So, the proposed update to SAP (SAP 2012) has at last been released by government. Well, having spent much of the past week pouring over the proposed changes, I have to say that there’s not a lot in there to get excited about. As hard as I tried, I could not find any bombshells for housebuilders. This is in stark contrast to SAP 2009 when builders discovered that they would need to insulate and seal party walls as well as start paying serious attention to non-repeating thermal bridges. Instead, the pro

The Green Deal in Plain English

As you may have read on the news section of our website, the Energy Act 2011 became law in October, paving the way for the Green Deal to be introduced in October 2012.  The Act provides the legal framework, and the detail will be dealt with under secondary legislation.  At NES this is something that we are used to dealing with since the same arrangement governs EPCs.  So, with less than a year to go (and cou

The biggest change to RDSAP yet

RDSAP will be changed on 1 April 2012 throughout the UK to RDSAP 2009 v9.91. This week all EPC accreditation schemes received draft details of the planned changes; and they are so substantial that they look likely to require all DEAs to pass a ‘top up’ exam. The changes are part of a DECC/DCLG drive to gear the industry up for the Green Deal, with the EPC being the lynchpin that tells householders what measures are relevant to their home, what the likely costs are and if the measures are likely to be eligible for Green Deal funding.

Green Deal - DECC release new series of papers

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has today published a series of papers setting out how they expect the proposed ‘Green Deal’ to work. The ‘Green Deal’ is the Coalition Government’s flagship policy for improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Great Britain and, according to Greg Barker, the minister of state for climate change, will be “the most ambitious energy-saving programme anywhere since the Second World War.”

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