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Hilary Grayson
Winter is now officially upon us. With the Winter Solstice so autumn ends and winter begins. Who knows what the weather might hold for us? But it’s time to think about a few issues to keep your home cosy, warm and water tight.
Hilary Grayson
Over the Christmas break a fascinating (if somewhat frustrating) info graphic came to my attention. Produced by RICS, it gives a snapshot of the UK RICS membership with the information broken down region by region.
The second SAVA School of Surveying Open Day goes down a storm with almost 100 people attending the event.
Phillip Rushforth

My background is in Industrial Test equipment, and I have been self employed since 2003. I knew at the time I chose to become self employed, that I would need something extra to add to my portfolio before hanging up my tools.

Alan Milstein

There are times when a market for a particular service or commodity hits a “sweet spot” where demand rises, supply falls slightly short of that demand, and price becomes a secondary issue. And for those who can offer a level of supply into that market, the doors of opportunity for growth begin...

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