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Ellie Parker
Renewable energy sources are an important part of the UK’s ‘green’ future. Indeed, if the government wants to reach its renewables target by 2020, investment in renewable technologies is only likely to increase. However, some technologies are not as straight forward as they may seem.
Ellie Parker
Tuesday 5th July, 12pm – 4pm The SAVA team here at the National Energy Centre have been busy bees over the last couple of months preparing for their first ever careers event.
Ellie Parker
Last week on 27th May, the staff at NES got their parrots and swords at the ready for Pirate Day, a charity event organised by staff members. Austin Baggett, Fiona Wilson, Alex Duff and Jenny Marklew lead the charity drive, organising a whole host of pirate themed games and activities to liven up our Friday!
Ellie Parker
At NES, we love celebrating achievements. Whether it's a company-wide success, or the success of an individual staff member, we think it should be shared. As part of our new charity initiative, we have decided to keep you abreast of any fundraising activities that NES staff are involved in. Not only will this raise awareness for their chosen charities, it will also give people the recognition they deserve.
Ellie Parker
Milton Keynes often gets a bad rap with its dizzying roundabouts and herds of concrete cows splitting opinion among its visitors – but, for a training provider like us, Milton Keynes has so much more to offer.
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