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Brian Scannell

At the start of March CLG published a consultation document “Making better use of Energy Performance Certificates and data”.

The consultation got rather overshadowed by the...

Dyfrig Hughes

The final version of the SAP 2009 methodology was published on March 23rd 2010. This article from Dyfrig Hughes of National Energy Services updates his previous article and summarises the key changes that will most affect builders and designers.

When you've read this article, you might be...


Yesterday (April 20) was the deadline for nominations for Parliamentary candidates for the upcoming general election. We now know all the candidates in each constituency, and we have the opportunity to ask questions of them about their views on their parties’ policy commitments relating to HIPs...

Brian Scannell

So the election has been confirmed for 6th May and we all have to decide who we want to see making the decisions on our behalf.

The way the media cover the election, one could easily get the impression that we are actually going to be voting for Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg...

Mark Sreeves

The Household Energy Management Strategy published earlier this month is a significant development and, as...

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