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Mark Sreeves

In this article Mark Sreeves, consultant for National Energy Services, looks at how Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data can inform improvement works in social housing.

What is the value of an Energy Performance Certificate?

There is an argument that says...

Brian Scannell

Another accreditation scheme recently announced that they were no longer offering insurance for EPCs when the instruction was secured through a 'reverse auction'. This was welcomed by many Domestic Energy Assessors who see reverse auctions as doing real damage to the industry and led to calls...

Brian Scannell

Circles are incredibly strong structures – as the wheels on my bicycle demonstrate every time I hit a pothole at speed! But sometimes, breaking a circle is exactly what needs to be done and then that very strength becomes a serious problem.

The circle that I would most like to break is...

Guest Blogger

Many people believe that an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is simply a pair of multi-coloured graphs that provide some obscurely generated rating on the energy efficiency of the property in question.

Anecdotally, through my many dealings with estate and lettings agents, these so-...

Guest Blogger

In a recent article, Andrew Warren, Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, raises a fundamental disconnect in the energy efficiency improvement process. I’ll quote him...

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