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Mark Sreeves

While it had been signalled for some time, it was announced by the Audit Commission at the beginning of January that National Indicator 187 (the Local Authorities obligation...

Guest Blogger

Since September 2010, I’ve been representing AECB and the Passivhaus Trust on the Zero Carbon Hub’s Carbon Compliance Standard Task Group. It’s been an exhilarating and sometimes gruelling ride, but the group has now made its recommendations to the Minister for Housing and Local Government.

Hilary Grayson

DCLG have decided to get tough, if a recent announcement is anything to go by. Late last year, Andy de Lord stated:

"DCLG intends to disallow compliance with the Regulations through the 'default DEC' route from 1st April 2011 in England & Wales. Similar arrangements...

Brian Scannell

Green Deal has been in the news again over the past week following the publication of the Energy Bill, which provides the basic legal framework. But the devil is always in the detail and getting this right will require a lot...

Mark Sreeves

A criticism of Energy Performance Certificates is that they are a bit dry and do not encourage action from homeowners. And because of the way they have evolved, they do not provide the reader with enough information or an opportunity to evaluate the impact on the household of the measures they...

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