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Hilary Grayson

They have been a long time coming, and in fact, are not here yet, but at last DCLG have formally notified schemes of their intention to strengthen the regulations surrounding EPCs.

Great!  So what is there to blog about?

Well - I don’t want to be a kill joy!  I...

Dyfrig Hughes

Last week’s budget brought with it the surprise announcement that the definition of a Zero Carbon Home (ZCH) has been changed radically. A Zero Carbon Home for Building Regulations 2016 purposes is now really a Low Carbon Home. The simple way of saying this is that to reach ZCH status, a new...

Brian Scannell

The events of the last week mean it is now more important than ever for building owners to take responsibility for reducing the energy needs of their buildings and to act on the recommendations in the EPC.

A few facts:

Paul Holmes

I’ve recently returned from 3 weeks honeymooning in New Zealand. As well as the spectacular mountain ranges, geothermal parks and beautiful secluded beaches it struck me that their approach to energy efficiency and environmental issues is quite different to ours in the UK.

Guest Blogger

According to the briefing prepared by the REA (the Renewable Energy Association), the long awaited proposals for the Renewable Heat Incentive are expected this week.  Following slowly on from the FIT (feed in tariff), the RHI is expected to apply the long-term tariff approach of the FIT to...

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