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Hilary Grayson & Helen Orme

What is the biggest challenge to reduce the energy consumption of the UK’s housing stock?

It is estimated that there are nearly 7,500,000 solid-walled properties in England, making up almost 30% of the total housing stock.  In itself, this is an interesting statistic, since if I was...

Hilary Grayson

The other day the TV presenter and architect George Clarke opened Plumb Centre’s Practical Installer Arena at Ecobuild and took the opportunity to call for every home in Britain to have an MOT.

Dyfrig Hughes

The government has funded a 15 month project to look at how to close the "performance gap" for new homes.  This is the gap believed to exist between the predicted and actual performance of  newly built homes.   For this project this is roughly speaking the difference between the...

Austin Baggett

As you would expect, the big buzz around Ecobuild, and indeed everywhere else in the energy efficiency space this year, is Green Deal. Not surprising given the fact that Green Deal is the Government's flagship policy to drive down carbon emissions and fuel bills in...

Claire Flitt
The day to day running of the Training and Assessment team is lead by the Senior Training and Assessment Co-ordinator, Claire Flitt, who has been with NHER since leaving school. As well as being a qualified Assessor in her own right, Claire also studies law in her spare time and is doing a degree with the Open University.
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