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I’m a member of the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body’s Assessor Forum, one of only a couple of Assessor Organisation (GDAO) representatives on it.  At our last meeting, I was reminded that the next one represents a full year – five meetings in total - since our first meeting in...

Guest Blogger

It is easy to criticize the Green Deal, and many people have done, but it is a very complex response to a complex problem - how to make the UK's housing stock more energy efficient.  It is inevitably a camel - that is to say a horse designed by a committee.  

Hilary Grayson

If you read my last blog here then you’ll know that somewhat rashly I got out my crystal ball and gave a prediction of what the future might look like.

Well it’s too soon to be giving myself a pat on the back just yet – but only two months on and it might be worth a little revisit – just...

Hilary Grayson

I went to two very interesting conferences recently – very different and yet somehow there was a common thread – the New Normal and what it could look like.

The first of those conferences was run by My Home Move, the on-line conveyancing firm based in Leicester.  Aimed primarily at...

Dyfrig Hughes

It was the late 1980’s, a time of power shoulder pads, big hair and a certain Prime Minister and the NHER scheme was in its infancy.

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