Why beta testing NES Touch is so important

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David Karas

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking putting software out for beta testing, but it’s essential. The feedback that we receive in the next few weeks, both positive and negative, will help us improve the software, resolve any bugs, identify weaknesses and other issues prior to launch and it will feed into the future development plans that we have. 

If you haven’t already heard about NES Touch, it’s our mobile tablet app that allows DEAs to create their EPCs and calculate ratings whilst they are onsite. There’s no waiting to get back to the office and you don’t need to manually re-enter the data into other software. Plus you can allow the app to automatically lodge your report when you’re next connected to the internet or 3G. We’re launching it on Android in April and we’ll have an iPad version soon after.

If you visit our office don’t be surprised if you find me pacing back and forth. Like I said, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking managing beta testing and it takes proper planning. It’s more than just giving people a bit of software and then saying, “So tell me what you think.”

I need to make sure that our testers have Android tablets, and more specifically they have one of the tablets we’ve previously tested NES Touch on. Then I need to plan how we are going to collate all the feedback... and that’s just for starters.

Once we have the feedback we need to identify what needs to be addressed and how we will do it. Is it a bug that needs fixing ASAP? Or is it an idea for a feature or benefit that we can add into the long term development plans?

One thing we won’t be doing is being defensive and taking any criticism personally, after all it’s the fresh perspective of the beta-testers that we want.

Beta testing and the feedback we get from our beta testers are critical components of the NES development process. We know that legitimate and constructive feedback ensures our software is ready for market and our products and services are infinitely better because of this.

David Karas leads NES’ beta testing for NES Touch.

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